EU research looks into open federated IoT business platforms

Led by Aalto University, the SOFIE project has received €4.5M funding under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme to develop a framework for building secure, open federated IoT business platforms.

SOFIE will design, implement, and pilot a systematic, open, and secure way to establish new business platforms that utilise existing IoT platforms and distributed ledger/blockchain technology.

The project coordinator Dr. Dmitrij Lagutin sees that this project can create more value for businesses as well as end consumers: “The project is a great opportunity to improve the interoperability, security, and privacy of IoT platforms, thereby enabling novel services for consumers and businesses”.

SOFIE project has chosen three use cases from substantially different fields to run pilots on. The application areas are food-chain, mobile gaming, and energy, with all very diverse business requirements, making this platform more dynamic. The pilots will take place in different parts of Europe: Finland, Estonia, Italy, and Greece.

The project kicked off this year in January and will last for three years. The project consortium is international with companies and academia from various backgrounds. The partners are Aalto University (Finland), Guardtime AS (Estonia), Synelixis (Greece), Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (Italy), Optimum (Greece), ASM Terni S.p.A(Italy), Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece), Emotion SRL (Italy), Ericsson (Finland) and Rovio Entertainment Corporation (Finland). 

For more information, please contact Mirjam Kert