Project Partners

Aalto University is a Finnish multidisciplinary university in the fields of Science and Technology, Economics, Architecture, and Art & Design. Aalto University was founded in 2010 by merging three previously separate Finnish universities: Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

The site of the research is Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet) at the School of Electrical Engineering. Comnet is a multi-disciplinary unit of research and higher education covering communications and networking technology, networking business, and human aspects of communication and communications technology. Comnet develops communications, information and teletraffic theory and conducts fundamental and applied experimental research in communications and networking technology.
Main roles: Aalto is the coordinator of the SOFIE project. Aalto is also leading the Federation Architecture & Framework (WP2) work package, concentrating on the architecture design, inter-ledger transactions, and security & privacy issues. Aalto is also contributing to the evaluation work and supporting the Rovio's gaming pilot.

Representative: Dr. Dmitrij Lagunin -

ASM TERNI S.p.A. is a public multi utility company, established in 1960 and fully owned by the Terni municipality, specializing in water, gas, electricity and environmental services. The ASM TERNI’s water distribution system serves 86,000 customers covering an area of 1,250 km2. On average 23.2x106 m2 of clean water are pumped into 1,400 km of pipe and 180 reservoirs annually and the network is operated by a remote control system. ASM TERNI manages two Sewage Treatment Works in the city of Terni, 72 Works in the surrounding area and 130 Imhoff tanks; it operates the gas distribution network as well as the local power distribution network, delivering about 400 GWh to 65,100 customers annually. In the field of waste management, ASM TERNI provides eight districts with solid waste collection services, waste disposal, transportation and street sweeping. Since 2000, ASM TERNI has been involving in pioneering actions aiming to innovate services and infrastructures. In 2010, an Innovation Department was created and currently, thanks also to the EU contributions received under FP7 and H2020 programs, ASM TERNI is considered an important pilot site in Europe to test in real case situation innovative solutions, methods, practices and technologies.

Athens University of Economics and Business participates in SOFIE through the MMlab, which is actively involved in research on the networks of the future. The lab has expertise and experience in designing modern and futuristic systems and networking technologies, developing and adapting security, trust and privacy technologies, as well as economic and incentive mechanisms and performing business and economic modelling.

Emotion is an expert Italian company specialized in the sector of electric mobility. Over the years, it has acquired technical skills developing innovative, consolidated and reliable solutions, with the aim of achieving eco-friendly mobility in the cities and reducing environmental impact. Emotion will contribute mainly at the SOFIE Energy Pilot use case identification, analysis and modelling; it will provide a fleet of 6 electrical vehicles (EVs) and a number of distributed EV chargers targeting energy micro-contracts and micro-payments based on charging location and energy availability.

ENGINEERING Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. was founded in 1980, and it is currently the first IT group in Italy, among the top 10 IT groups in Europe, about 9.000 employees and 50 branch offices in Italy and abroad. In SOFIE ENG will mainly manage the Italian pilot (WP5) providing also conribution on federation architecture (Wp2), business platform integration (WP3) and contributing to the dissemination activity (WP6).

Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment & services to mobile & fixed network operators. Over 1,000 networks in more than 180 countries use Ericsson equipment, & more than 40 percent of the world's mobile traffic passes through Ericsson networks. Using innovation to empower people, business & society, we are working towards the Networked Society, in which everything that can benefit from a connection will have one. At Ericsson, we apply our innovation to market-based solutions that empower people & society to help shape a more sustainable world. Within the Sofie project, Ericsson will look in to the new technology enablers such as blockchains and their use in the context of IoT and Cloud technologies. We will drive the joint platform integration and look in utilising the new technologies in the context of SOFIE.

Guardtime is a systems engineering company, engaged in R&D in hash-based cryptography and distributed ledger technologies. It focuses on building core technology and value-added solutions that provide real-time situational awareness into the integrity state of electronic systems and data. Guardtime is one of the world’s leading blockchain technology companies, with its core technology KSI® Blockchain in production since 2008.

The KSI® blockchain stack enables its customers to know, and be able to forensically prove whether any part of their systems or stored electronic data and logs has been changed, either by insiders, external actors, or technical malfunction. It provides a mathematically tamper-evident audit trail and evidence for post-incident investigations, establishing who, what and when with forensic precision.

Guardtime’s international R&D division - with its hub in Estonia - is a team of  cryptographers, researchers, engineers, scientists and analysts, with qualifications in both foundational and applied research. Guardtime is devoted to building breakthrough technologies and applications in cryptography and computer sciences.

With over 40 patents granted since 2007 and more pending, Guardtime has a proven track record in transforming foundational research into practical solutions, covering a number of research areas with practical use-cases for the government, military, healthcare, life sciences, finance, and supply chain, to name a few.

Representative: Liis Livin -

OPTIMUM is a leading SME in the area of Supply Chain IT Systems and has done so for over 20 years. Success stories can be seen in Greece, across Europe, as well as in North America. OPTIMUM and the fully owned subsidiary VELTION/Optimum has successfully completed more than 300 automation/IT projects in the area of Supply Chain Automation. Optimum will focus their activities on the food value chain, leading the relevant activities. SOFIE solution will be integrated with Optimum Aberon System platform providing a complete end-to-end solution from field to the fork.

Rovio Entertainment Corporation is a Finnish, games-first entertainment company, that creates, develops and publishes mobile games and acts as a brand licensor in various entertainment and consumer product categories. The Company is best known for the global Angry Birds brand, which started from a popular mobile game in 2009. Today, the Company offers multiple mobile games, has produced The Angry Birds Movie, which opened number one in theatres in 50 countries, and licenses the Angry Birds brand to consumer products and other entertainment content.

Synelixis is a high-tech SME that delivers solutions for energy efficiency, precision agriculture, warehouse automation and advanced networking. With respect to energy efficiency, its solutions focus on smart grid control and energy consumption optimization. Synelixis will be the Technical Coordinator of SOFIE and will also lead and coordinate the project pilots. Moreover, Synelixis will be actively involved in the food chain use case of SOFIE, focusing on the field part with their SynField embedded CPS system.