The SOFIE Framework is an example implementation of the SOFIE Federation Architecture developed by the SOFIE Project. 
The Framework consists of 6 components:
  • Interledger, which provides support for operations spanning two or more ledgers.

  • Identity, Authentication and Authorisation, which provides IAA functionalities for the different entities in the system by supporting multiple authentication and authorisation techniques.

  • Privacy and Data Sovereignty, which provides mechanisms that enable data sharing in a controlled and privacy preserving way.

  • Semantic Representation, which is used to enable interoperability between different IoT devices, services, and data by describing what functions they provide and what interfaces and formats they utilise.

  • Marketplace, which allows participants to trade resources by placing bids and offers in a secure, auditable, and decentralised way.

  • Discovery & provisioning, which provides functionality for the discovery and bootstrapping of IoT devices, services, and data.

Finally, Federation Adapters connect IoT resources to the SOFIE Framework without requiring any changes to the resources themselves.

To discover all of the SOFIE framework and components visit our GitHub, the SecureIot marketplace and our profile where we have uploaded most of our components and the project's pilot business cases.

Try out the Framework already today with the provided examples to see how you can benefit from SOFIE! After you have tried it out, we would love to get your feedback and suggestion via e-mail:

Our latest Framework released was in September 2020. Read the news here.