Project Use Cases

The SOFIE project is driven by the needs of real-world applications, represented by our four pilots operating in three different domains: energy sector, food supply chain and mobile gaming. Through the pilots SOFIE offers numerous advantages and innovations for its users.

Food Supply Chain Pilot
"Product Safety and Quality"

The goal of the food supply chain pilot is to demonstrate a provenance chain business platform that secures information sharing and collaborative advantage among the companies in the supply chain, enhances the transparency in business flow and provides end-to-end goods traceability, as demanded by both organizations and food consumers.

The vision

  • To accelerate automation, digitization and secure information sharing among the participants in the food supply chain.
  • To support transformation of the food supply chain by embedding accountability into the workflow and relationships and engaging food consumers in the entire value chain.
  • To provide business networks and food consumers the means to verify product quality and safety, as those are transferred from the field to the market.
  • To build trust and support collaboration between companies in the supply chain, each with its own processes and operations, without the need of a centralized authority.

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Energy Data Exchange Pilot
"Free Energy Data"

Currently, the possibility to provide next generation energy services is limited by the lack of data access to energy consumption. People would be choosing a better deal from energy service providers, but the use of centralized data management, with complicated data exchange between IoT systems, is preventing this from happening worldwide.

The vision

  • To enable seamless access to data with a few clicks done by the data owner (the citizen), regardless of where the person lives or what existing energy networks are in place. 

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Energy Flexibility Marketplace Pilot
"Energy Flexibility"

The reversed power flow causes stability and safety problems in the electricity grid, that the DSO have to solve to guarantee the continuity of the energy service. To understand the complexity of this phenomenon, it is essential to consider that it is generated mainly by intermittent and non-programmable strongly influenced by  atmospheric conditions. This makes it very difficult to predict its progression.

The vision

  • Thanks to the network equipped with devices that allow remote monitoring and management in real time, it is possible to obtain useful information to obtain accurate forecasts and avoid the emerging of reverse power flow. 

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Context-aware Mobile Gaming Pilot
"Mobile Gaming"

The focus of this pilot will be on leveraging DLT to provide new gaming features for players, and seeking validation of potential location and IoT use cases. It will seek to overcome known technical issues; in principle the ability of DLTs to scale to cost-effectively support millions of active users per day with thousands of transactions per second.

The pilot seeks to investigate business issues, namely:

  • Game discovery: How to reach mass market given mobile application ecosystem restrictions?
  • Player Value: Gaming experience is fun and valued by the player. 
  • Revenue opportunity: New business case with potential revenues from real-world elements.
  • IoT device scale: devices fit for gaming use cases that can easily provide global scale.

The vision:

  • To identify and understand use-cases for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs) and Internet of Things (IoT) in Mobile Gaming, and test the business opportunity.

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