Objectives and Work Packages


Objective A: Define a secure, open, decentralised and scalable IoT federation architecture for sensing, actuation, and smart behaviour.
Objective B: Make IoT data and actuation accessible across applications and platforms in a secure and controlled way.
Objective C: Develop a solution to provide integrity, confidentiality and auditability of IoT data, events and actions.
Objective D: Develop an IoT federation framework to facilitate creation of IoT business platforms.
Objective E: Deploy and evaluate the SOFIE federation framework in three field trials.
Objective F: Evaluate the commercial viability of the SOFIE federation approach.
Objective G: Establish the SOFIE IoT federation approach as a major enabler for the IoT industry.

Work Packages:

WP 1 Management:  
This work package will oversee the implementation of all other work packages in terms of technical direction and resource consumption, coordinate the technical work, and manage the IPR arising out of the project.

WP2 Federation Architecture & Framework:  This work package will specify the SOFIE IoT federation architecture, create the SOFIE IoT federation framework, and support WP3 to create the pilot business platforms.

WP3 Business Platforms Integration: The purpose of this work package is to integrate three business platforms for the pilots, based on the federation architecture and components developed in WP2.

WP4 Evaluation: The main objective of WP4 is the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the SOFIE architecture and framework against the key KPIs and assessment criteria defined in WP2.

WP5 Pilots: This work package will be responsible for setting up and running all three pilots.

WP6 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation: WP6 is the main vehicle for communication and dissemination and impact creation of SOFIE.