SOFIE consortium met for a plenary in Tallinn, Estonia

May 5th-7th members of the SOFIE consortium held its plenary meeting, this time in Tallinn, Estonia

In the course of the three intensive days the participants had a status check on the projects various deliverables, got an overview of the state in the pilots and had a chance to bring themselves up to speed on developments in the projects work packages. Additional time was dedicated to the upcoming project review due in September.

The consortium was also glad to be joined by the newly established project Advisory board consisting of Markos Legas, President of Pegasus Agrifood Coop (location of the SOFIE Agri food chain pilot) and Kalle Kukk, Project manager and strategy lead of Elering innovation projects, leading a EU Sysflex project and. The main task of the advisory board is to discuss and agree upon, marketing and innovation stimuli as well as research directions. The SOFIE advisory board will meet annually during the project plenaries and guidance to the project.