Overview of IoTWeek in Aarhus

From 17th to 31st of June, Aarhus was the host for IoTWeek 2019. SOFIE was present with talks from Pekka Nikander, Mikael Jäätinen and Vasilios Siris.
At IoTWeek 2019, on Thursday June the 20th, Pekka Nikander gave two interrelated talks at the morning session on Blockhain for IoT and afternoon panel in the Workshop on Blockchain Applications to Industrial IoT.

In the panel on “Blockchain for IoT”, Vasilios Siris gave a presentation entitled “Blockchains and authorization in constrained IoT environments”, which identified the requirements and issues on exploiting Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for authorization in IoT environments where IoT devices are constrained in terms of processing, storage, and network connectivity, and the advantages from using interledger mechanisms for IoT resource authorization.

In the IoTWeek panel on “Blockchain for IoT”, Mikael Jaatinen gave a presentation entitled "Solving business problems in IoT with blockchain". The presentation covered Ericsson's key insights on when blockchain can become applicable for IoT with use case examples as well as our collaboration model with external stakeholders, such as the SOFIE project consortium.

Additionally, at the Global IoT Summit 2019 which also took place in Aarhus, Denmark, 17-21 June 2019 alongside IoTWeek 2019, Vasilios Siris presented the paper entitled “IoT resource access utilizing blockchains and Trusted Execution Environments”, which contained recent results on exploiting Trusted Execution Environments that exist in embedded devices and in mobile devices, such as smartphones, for trusted resource access while utilizing blockchain technology.